How can I submit music?

You can send your music to info@luxormediallc.com

What is the best way to submit?

  • If sending SoundCloud link, please make sure the songs are downloadable
  • If sending 3 or less songs, please mp3s only attached to 1 email.
  • If sending more than 3 songs, please send link to downloadable folder. Make sure the most important song is attached as well.
  • Please make sure every song is labeled with artist/writer, song title, and date.
  • Please make sure there’s a one paragraph bio or description.

How can we meet?

Please send your top music and if we like what we hear we will contact you and guide to the next step.

What kind of artists is LMG looking for?

We are looking for stand out new artist that are charismatic, hardworking, creative, and unique. An artists with a vision for their future and absolutely committed to music.

What kind of songwriters and producers is LMG looking for?

LMG is always looking for new songwriters and producers that are hardworking, unique, and great collaborators. For songwriters, clever lyrics, original concepts, and infectious melodies. For producers, innovative sounds that feel like what’s next. LMG prefers to set trends and not chase them.

What kind of songs is LMG looking for?

Many of LMG’s artists write their own songs but we’re always looking for great songs whether for placement or as examples of ability to potential collaborators. We look for memorable melodies, clever lyrics, and all types of sticky hooks that make songs unforgettable. We prefer to set trends and not chase them.