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Embrace Your Passion

Have you ever thought as a kid about getting paid to do music? Always thought and dreamed in sound, rhythm, and beats? We uncovered our passion for music and started to grow in the business. We are involved in everything music.  We want every music creator to experience freedom in career and finances. Luxor is the new modern way doing publishing.

Live Life in Song

We want to hear your music and feel the passion in it. If we like what we hear then we will push your song for placement opportunities. We believe music creators should have every chance to make a living doing their passion. We are here to help get your music in TV, Film, Video Games, and more.

Be Inspired By Everything

We are looking for inspired songwriters, producers, and artists. We are determined to make sure your music can go as far as your dreams. Let LMG take you and your music to your dreams with finding placements and getting you royalties.